Ground Work

Ground Work

Core4 can provide several fencing options including structurally designed temporary works, timber hoarding to demarcate your site, or a more traditional fencing-like palisade and chain link. We have also been involved in environmental control fencing, such as otter fencing to protect fish stock.

Whatever your project requires we can advise and carry out a smooth, safe, and efficient solution from start to finish.

In our tree and clearance division, we can tackle your roots, hedges, vegetation, and more! With years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured we will provide a fast and efficient service from a team you can trust. Our services include site clearance, stump grinding and removal, leaf clean up, replanting and grass cutting, ground maintenance, arboricultural works, hedge cutting, and vegetation control.

In our groundwork division, we also cover trenching and earthworks, reinforced concrete, and tarmac and asphalt surfaces. Projects that involve tasks such as concrete paths and trenches in rail and highway environments can be challenging, but we will always find a solution to deliver and keep the network moving. We are proud to run a team of specialist and skilled Street Works approved operatives so we can carry out a multitude of enabling works.

Our Core4 Values

We are a growing company, always constructively pushing ahead. Our staff and supply chain are the key components to ensuring that we deliver for our clients.

Professional Service

Customer service is our number one priority. Your experience matters to us. Which is why we are committed to upholding the visions and values of the company and always provide you with the best service possible.


We are all aware that we need to do our bit for the environment. At Core4, we recognise that we are the generation that needs to make the changes to protect our planet. To us, the environment is more than just a policy.


We employ NEBOSH and IOSH employees as active members of staff and use an external health and safety consultant to ensure we are always getting the best and most current safety advice possible.

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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